Thursday, October 18, 2012


South Stream Productions will be producing the play Copenhagen by Michael Frayn Jan 4-6 at Common Ground and Jan 11-13 at the Carrboro Arts Center!  

Copenhagen is an intense drama that focuses around Niels Bohr, his wife Margrethe Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. It centers on a real visit Heisenberg made to the Bohrs in Copenhagen in 1941, at the height of World War II and a conversation that took place there, and the subsequent historical controversy of its meaning.  The characters now "dead and gone" return to those events to revisit and explore that conversation and the very idea of memory and truth.  

Hello World

Welcome to South Stream Productions interweb site.  We're here on blogger because it's wonderful user interface and custom design features.  Oh, and it's free.  Did we mention free?

South Stream Productions is a group of actors who want to do theatre in the triangle area that we think is interesting, engaging and entertaining... but most of all "fun stuff we want to do."  We're not doing this for money (well, you do have to buy tickets, but trust me, we're NOT doing this for the money).  We're doing this because we find stories we like, that we'd like to tell and we think we'd be good people to tell them.  Characters we'd like to play, shows we'd like to direct.  That's it.  So come join us.

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