Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Announcing - Twelfth Night

Citizens of Earth:
South Stream Productions is proud to announce its next production - William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night!

Our last production was in January 2019. We took a planned break in January 2020, as I (Brook) attended a six week intensive with Shakespeare & Company in Lennox, MA. We then took a very unplanned break in 2021-2023 due to a little pandemic you may have heard about. And now we're back, with our first "classic" stage piece. Is it because my Shakespeare training inspired me to produce something by the bard? Is it because we found a great director with an exiting idea? Is it because Shakespeare is royalty free? The answer is YES. 

Twelfth Night will be opening on January fifth, which actually IS twelfth night!* The show will run Fri-Sun Jan 5-21, 2024. All performances will be at Ridge Road Baptist Church, 2011 Ridge Road, Raleigh. 

It's going to be a high energy, small cast show, with a small cast (in number, not in reputation) that promises to bring the funny. 

Director: Hayley Philippart

Zoe Barham                As         Maria/Antonio
Katie Barrett               As         Olivia/Sea Captain
Miranda Curtis            As         Viola
Olivia Griego              As          Sebastian/Malvolio
Brook North                As           Orsino/Sir Toby Belch
Julie Oliver                As          Feste/Priest
Natalie Turgeon        As          Sir Andrew/Valentine

Our team also includes Alyssa Petron as Stage manager, Sally Beale on costumes, and Devra Thomas as Props Master. Marketing and design (including that image at the top of the post and website) by Jennifer Sanderson (jennsandy.com).

We had our first readthrough this weekend and I am so excited. Watch this space for more details!

* The date of "twelfth night" is either January 5 or 6, depending on if you start counting from Christmas Day or December 26

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