Saturday, August 29, 2020

Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated


Mark Twain, 1907 - By A.F. Bradley, New York - (public domain)

So... haven't heard much from me lately. South Stream didn't have a show last year due to my trip to Shakespeare & Company. And then ... well we're in the middle of the COVID epidemic. So we're probably not going to have live theatre any time soon. 

COVID has been a huge national and international problem. For those directly affected it has been tragic. For the many more whose lives have been disrupted, it has been difficult. Some are struggling to make ends meet after losing work as the economy shrinks. As I write this, expanded unemployment and eviction protections have expired in most places. People are hurting. 

I wanted to start by recognizing that first. Because I can recognize that other people are hurting more. I can see that they are facing larger problems and know that I always need to do what we can to help others. But I also know that I should still honor my own loss and sadness, even if it might feel small in comparison to the burden of others. And I miss theatre.

I miss performing. I miss being an audience member. I miss collaboration. I miss being in a room with a group of other great people making something new together out of nothing. 

I was supposed to be in a play this summer. That was one of the first to get cancelled, but it was only the beginning. Not one but TWO of my short plays were accepted for production this Summer/Fall. Both were cancelled. Being without this part of myself has been hard. And I won't be participating any time soon as an audience member or as a cast member. My parents are over 65, and my father has a history of health problems that make him very high risk if he were to get this disease. I don't want to participate in any activity that might jeopardize his health. That means for me to participate in a rehearsal process, I would have to not see my parents in person for the entire rehearsal, run, plus two weeks after. That's just not going to happen for me. And I miss it.

But I and South Stream have not been completely dormant. Because I can't sit around and do nothing. Well, I CAN. I HAVE. Trust me. But just, you know, not ALL the time. ;-)

I've been working on a film, shot entirely in quarantine. It's in the can, and it's being sent out to film festivals. I won't be able to share the whole film with you unless you come to a festival (depending... some festivals are online... I'll keep you posted!), but I'll be posting more information about the film and where to see it as it happens. 

Stay tuned. 

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