Sunday, July 8, 2018

Playing Hooky

That's actually what I'm doing right now. Ok, it isn't a huge obligation that I'm skipping... but at the very time I am writing this I did intend to go to Tamara Kissane's event for Artists Soapbox. By the way, if you are a Triangle artist, do your self a favor and subscribe to that podcast. It's an interesting cross section of local artists (mostly theatre makers but artists of all kinds) in thoughtful conversation. This event was a followup to her excellent "What I learned from 40 years of not being famous." I really wanted to go. But today (Sunday July 8) is just SO beautiful, I couldn't bring myself to leave my back yard. So I'm playing hooky.

Actual photo of a blog post in progress. Basil whiskey ginger optional but recommended.

Here at South Stream, we have been playing hooky big time. I'd call it a hiatus, but that doesn't quite cover it. We took time off. Ok, a LOT of time off. We didn't do a show in 2018, so that meant our usual series of show posts, was off the schedule. My random noodlings about theatre topics isn't dependent on a show, but they took on less urgency in the absence of ongoing work.

So, to atone for skipping out on my self-imposed social and artistic obligation, I decided to use my time to return here. Coming back to this blog, and to South Stream itself with more focus and more intention has been a goal of mine. It's been something I keep "meaning to do." And honestly, writing this blog has often been fun, and a great outlet I don't otherwise have access to. It's my own tiny forum where I can express myself to the void. Will anyone notice any of it? Very few people I'm sure. But it feels good to do it. But these joyful tasks can become onerous if we freight them with too much "ought to be" or "should be" doings. I saw that I "needed" to write more, but the more that thought became present, the more I avoided it. Even when I had an idea that I wanted to express, I would avoid it. Because "it's been too long since I updated the site," "what will people think" etc... The very idea that I was guilty of neglect made me avoid something that would otherwise have been a pleasant and passionate task.

And this comes full circle to Tamara. The general message of her podcast is so encoraging. Grow where you're planted. Make the art you need to make with what you have. Your measure of success doesn't have to be someone else's. Tamara is great at letting people in to her own confusion, self doubt, and struggle with being "an artist" (whatever that means to you). So, while I am not currently at your event (sorry Tamara) I am, in some sense, benefiting from it. So thanks.

Oh, and yes... South Stream will be returning as a producing entity in the near future. We will be announcing our next show soon... so stay tuned.

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