Monday, June 3, 2019

Talking. So Much Talking.

Hello fans and followers of South Stream.

We have some cool South Stream news for you. Our artistic director, Brook North, was interviewed on Artist Soapbox, and the episode was released today. If you want to hear him discuss producing independent theatre in the triangle, down load this hour long podcast. Tamara really takes the time to go in depth with her guests and produces a great show.

Find it here:

And if that's not enough, I thought I'd included a few other recent interviews. As part of the promo for This Doesn't End Well Brook sat down with Cary Playwrights Forum radio program. That interview is mostly focused on writing. You can hear that interview by clicking on these words.

Finally, Brook participated in a video interview with RDU Onstage as part of the promotion for the staged reading for Birds of a Feather along with author June Guralnick.You can find that discussion here. 

And if that's not enough talking for you... you clearly have too much free time. :-)

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