Thursday, November 22, 2012


South Stream is thankful for friends.  So many people already have helped to make this show a reality.  Really it's hard to overstate how much work goes into even a tiny show like ours, and these types of shows simply wouldn't be possible without a bunch of friends pitching in.

Thank you to:

Jeri Lynn Shulke and The ArtsCenter
Rachel Klem and Common Ground
Tina Vance and Hope Community Church
Meredith College for costumes
Madira Hoffman for costuming
Todd Houseknecht for lighting design
Daniel McCord for amazing poster design
Oscar Garcia for logo work
Thor Kessler for help with pronunciation
Patrick Campbell, Jason Bailey and Altercation Pictures for the video trailer

and of course:
Andrew Hayworth our director
Ann Davis our stage manager
Bonnie Roe our Margrethe

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