Monday, January 14, 2013

Thank You!

It's over.  What a journey.  I first spoke to John about this play in June.  It's been six months of hard work, but we did it.  We produced a pretty successful show, and it wouldn't have been possible without you.

Thank you to all our backers (See "our backers" tab) from kickstarter.  Having people get behind this production from the start made it so much easier to produce.  

Thank you to Rachel and Jeff from Common Ground, and Jeri Lynn from The ArtsCenter.  Thanks to everyone else at The ArtsCenter too (Brad and Adam, et al) for help with set up and take down.  

Thank you, HUGE thank you to Tina Vance and Hope Community Church.  Without rehearsal space this show would never have happened.  Thanks as well to Flynt Burton and Ben Wingrove for use of their garage as rehearsal space during the last weekend.

Thank you as well to Meredith College for letting us use costumes (Bohr's suit), and Chapel Hill High School (and Josh Benjamin and Thomas Drago) for letting us borrow plywood to help set up our stage at The ArtsCenter.  

Promotions thanks to Altercation Pictures (and Jason and Patrick) for producing the trailer.  And Dan McCord for producing the amazing poster.  Thanks to Oscar Garcia as well for graphic work. 

Thank you to Eugen and Ann Merzbacher, for opening their home to us and talking with us about their experiences at the Institute for Theoretical Physics.  Thank you to Thor Kessler for help with German pronunciation. 

Thank you to our volunteers - Emma Elsea, our fill-in stage manager, and Sheryl Scott, Todd Buker, Kurt Benrud, Gilly Conklin and Michelle Corbitt for helping out at the door.  

And last but not least - thank you to our amazing crew.  Our designers: Will Mikes for sound, Todd Houseknecht for lights, and Madira Hoffman for costumes.  Our fantastic Stage Manager - Ann Davis thank you.  People don't realize what a stage manager does.  "All the hard work" is pretty much the answer.  Our director, Andy Hayworth - this is a show that needed your eye and ear.  Thanks for being a great part of the process.  And to my fellow cast members:  Bonnie Roe - you are a rock on stage.  Just so amazingly solid.  You gave a great performance every night and I was lucky to be there with you.  And John - what can I say.  We started planning this together in June and I couldn't have asked for a better partner.  Thank you for everything you did on stage and off.  I couldn't ask for more.

And a final thank you: to our audience.  Nothing happens without you.  It's not a play until it comes to life with an audience.  Thank you for sharing the story with us, for letting us share it with you.  Our audiences far exceeded my expectations in terms of numbers and responsiveness.  I was worried the subject matter wouldn't be engaging, but we consistently had enthusiastic and appreciative crowds.  Your energy made the show.  So thank you too.

So thank you.  I'm humbled.  I'm honored.  And right now, I'm exhausted.  Until next time.

-Brook North

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