Wednesday, December 28, 2016


It's nice to be recognized. We put a lot of work into what we do on stage. We care about making a show that is real, a show that is filled with the truth that comes from us. In my opinion, we do a damn good job of it. I think we put on stage some of the best shows in the triangle.

So it's nice that Byron Woods in the INDY named Time Stands Still one of the ten best shows of 2016. It's especially gratifying because our show comes so early in the year. It's a testament that the show was not only the best show of the year in January, but that it stuck with at least some people, to be remembered as one of the best at the end of the year too.

It is nice to be recognized by critics (and all of our shows have). But the real recognition we want is from you, our audience. We want to bring you stories that you remember. That speak to you. That you speak to your friends about for days, weeks, even a year later.

We think Blackbird is going to be one of those plays too. So come out and see what our next play has to offer you. Share our food for thought. It will be the best play you've seen in 2017. And who knows, maybe that will be true in December too. :-)


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