Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I come in peace

Last year we had the lovely Madira Hoffman designing costumes for Copenhagen.  But this show... this show has a bit more challenging requirements.  Seascape takes place by the ocean.  And there are some rather interesting characters that come out of the ocean to take part in the show.  Specifically, giant sea creatures.  And that means building costumes.

The amazingly talented and creative Shannon Clark is designing and building our lizards and we couldn't be happier.  He's taken a look at some previous productions, some actual lizards (including the Galapagos Sea Iguanas and the Komodo Dragon) and come up with his own design.  Here we see the first step in the process.  Ryan Brock has been fitted for the base of the costume.  Onto this will go scales ridges and a tail (a big tail...  he's proud of his tail).  We're lucky to have Shannon working on the show,and we'll keep posting pictures of his work as it comes together.  But to see the finished product... well you'll have to buy a ticket for that.

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