Thursday, November 28, 2013


We're thankful.

Thankful for Rachel Klem and Devra Thomas and Common Ground for creating and maintaining an affordable venue for local theatre in Durham.

Thankful for Hope Community Church and Tina Vance for providing us a place to rehearse for free, we could not do this without you.

Thankful for an incredible cast, Julie, John, Ryan and Samantha, for lending your considerable talents to this production and for giving me your trust as producer and director.

Thankful for our great stage manager Andy.  If you want to know what a stage manager does "all the hard work" is the answer.  Especially at Common Ground... no "calling queues" there. 

Thankful for Shannon Clark, Will Mikes and Todd Houseknecht for lending their talents in designing the show.

And thankful for you.  For friends and family that support all these amazing people in every aspect of their lives that enable them to spend so much time working on this show.

Thank you.

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