Monday, December 16, 2013

Last Week (sort of)

One week to go!

One week on our Kickstarter, and one week of rehearsal.

But the show doesn't open until January 3rd you say.  You have more than one week.

Well, yes and no.

This week is our final week in the rehearsal room.  Then we take a week off.  You see, there's this traditional holiday called "Christmas" you may be familiar with.  Yeah.  On Sunday Dec. 29 we load in to Common Ground.  Monday we tech the show (which really is a rehearsal for our sound/lighting elements).  The next day is December 31st.  There's another holiday that happens then, traditionally celebrated at night.  So there goes another day.  We get a day of rehearsals on January 1st, final dress on Jan. 2nd, then we open.

Theatre people know that your "tech week" is really as much or more for tech as it is for actors.  It's not about choices, or fine tuning performance.  It's about getting used to the lights, the costumes, adjusting to the space as it really exists instead of as it is taped out on a rehearsal room floor.

So in a very real sense this week is our final week.  This is the final week to tweak, to hone, to drill it into our heads so that it's ready to perform.  It's exciting.  It's nerve wracking.  It's fun.

Here we go.

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