Friday, December 21, 2018

Leaving the Nest

Gerald Louis Campbell and Julie Oliver rehearse This Doesn't End Well

We have been hard at work rehearsing This Doesn't End Well since mid-November. We have been lucky to be hosted by RTP High School during that time. The rehearsal room is a special place. It's a place where you have to use your imagination a bit. It's a place where you can experiment. It's a place where you can fail. Try it out. See what happens. It's a place that, above all, is safe. It's just the actors, the stage manager, and the director. No one else is looking at you. No one else is judging you. No one cares where you stand.

Soon, we will be leaving that safe nest. Today (Friday) will be our last rehearsal at RTP. Saturday we will be moving into the theatre at Sonorous Road. We'll be adding costumes, and lights, and sound, and set pieces. And we'll be adding people who are running these things. They'll be watching runs and asking questions. We're lucky in that we have a little break (this Christmas thing you may have heard about) before we rehearse in the space. That will give everyone more time with their words, and time with their families. But next Thursday we will be rehearsing in THE space. On THE stage. It's part of the process. A new challenge. But I think our little crew is ready.

Fight Choreography. Tara Williams and George Labusohr work with Julie, Ben and Lou.

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