Monday, December 31, 2018

The Final Count Down

The end of 2018 is almost here, and tonight people will be counting down to the beginning of 2019. We at South Stream are counting down too - to the opening of This Doesn't End Well on Friday!

We have four more rehearsals left before we open. And yes, that means we are rehearsing tonight, although we will just be doing a speed through so everyone can attend to their New Year's Eve plans. The show is looking - good. Really, REALLY GOOD. I am so excited to share this show with audiences. There are still a lot of things on my punch list. Sets need to be finished, lighting needs to be tweaked, the sound... well an untimely hard drive failure has meant a lot more work for Will, but it will be ready to go by Friday. There's plenty that needs to be done. But honestly, even if nothing changed at all, I'd be proud to show this work to an audience. The cast really has done a tremendous job bringing the script to life.

Now we just need an audience, so get your tickets today!

We'll see you in 4, 3, 2, 1 ....

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