Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Backers!

This is up on it's own tab up at the top of the page, but I wanted to make a post too.

HUGE thank you to our Kickstarter backers who helped make this show possible! These donors gave above and beyond what was required for a ticket because they care about the show and want to bring it to you. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Without the help of these people we wouldn't be bringing this show to you.

Kristie and Kevin Clarke
Lane Liston
Chris and Diana North
Jeanne Sellers
Al Tran

Joseph and Venus Bradley
Jon Finkel
Del Flack
Gabrieal Griego
Benji and Gene Jones
David Klionsky
Diana Cameron McQueen
Elaine Petrone
Ken Walsh

Debra Kaufman
Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz
Chris Pikula
Kim Romero
Matt "Catapult" Wang

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