Saturday, December 19, 2015

Set Building!

Director Andy Hayworth and Technical Director Todd Houseknecht consult while Stage Manager Betsy Richards does the work. Typical. 

Today was set building day. Well, really more like set painting day.

First I should say we owe a great debt to Cary Players for letting us use their flats and their shop to prep them. Their next play is Crossing Delancey, go see it! Anyway, without their help this whole process would have been much more difficult. As it is, we pulled the pieces we needed, laid down drop cloths. painted the flats, and were done in relatively short order.

We had help from the wonderful Ami Kirk Jones who helped us get the right colors and advised us on the look for the cement walls of the apartment. The set is going to look great. It's an industrial loft in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. I wanted it to have the modern-distressed look of a converted warehouse. I wanted muted colors as well, but not boring. Ami suggested a concrete look with muted rust stains (you see it partially complete above).

I'm really looking forward to showing it to you. Hope you like it!

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