Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Olivia Greigo and Katie Barrett rehearse with the help of SM Betsy Richards.

We're in the thick of rehearsal. We have 7 (gulp) more rehearsals before we load in on December 27, and the show is really coming together. Working on this play has really reminded me that rehearsal is a safe place. This text works deep for all four actors. It really requires that we connect with empathy and imagination to strong emotions.  Knowing that you working with the support entire ensemble is so very critical when you are doing this sort of preparation.

Because acting is about being, but rehearsing is about making mistakes. Rehearsing is about taking that chance/risk the first time. About opening up, about exposing your feelings, your self, and not having the knowledge that you've done it before, that it's ok. And being able to do that knowing that if it doesn't work, if it needs to change, you didn't fail, you succeeded in the process. And that the people you are working with love you, and that doesn't depend on getting it right the first time.

It's funny, I used to feel nervous about the first few rehearsals. I wanted to show my fellow actors I was someone who could be relied upon. I wanted to show off the work I did on my own. I wanted them to think "wow, this guy is good." No, no, NO. Rehearsal is about being bad (not unprepared though). Make mistakes. And above all, don't censor yourself or worry about what other people think about you. Because, if it's a good set, here is what they think about you: they love you, they trust you, and you're great.

I wanted to put a brief shout-out here to Cardinal Gibbons High School and Kevin Ferguson. The shot above was taken in the studio theatre at Cardinal Gibbons, and the single biggest help to our production is having this wonderful space to rehearse in.

I also want to point out those empty seats. See them? That's where you go. So please, go over to our kickstarter page, pledge some money, and get a ticket today!

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